After a crown or bridge procedure

  • When flossing with your temporary crown, be sure to pull the floss out the side, instead of up between your teeth to avoid dislodging it
  • If your temporary crown comes off between appointments, please call us. In the meantime, use Vaseline or denture adhesive (like Fixodent) to help the temporary adhere to your tooth
  • Sensitivity to temperature, especially cold, and pressure are likely but will gradually improve over time
  • Warm salt-water rinses and finger massages will typically help heal the tissue that may have become irritated during the preparation
  • Even after the permanent crown is cemented, the edge of the crown at the gum line is still susceptible to decay. Proper brushing and flossing are recommended to retain your final restoration


After a filling

  • While the filling should not interfere with any eating or drinking, we recommend being especially attentive until your numbness has completely worn off to avoid chewing through your gums of tongue. Children should be especially observed until their numbness is gone
  • Sensitivity, especially to temperature and pressure, is normal after a filling. The sensitivity should gradually lessen and be completely gone within a few weeks
  • The finished restoration may be contoured slightly differently than what you are used to. Often your tongue will magnify this slight difference but if you don't become accustomed to it in a few days, please let us know and we will be happy to adjust it for you